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(lyd)2 - Elefanta Poteket Bukentaur Norway Rat Records
. (aka Ben Hatchelt) - Everything exactly how you left it EP spa.RK
2nd Gen - Flicknives Quatermass
90 Day Men - To Everybody Southern
A Gilbert Play - A Gilbert Play Dreamboat Music
Aemic - Aleph Musik aus Strom
African Brothers - Want some freedom Easy Star
AFX - 2 remixes by AFX Men
AFX - Smojphace EP Men
Alder & Elius - ? (ska013) Skam
Alec Empire & El-P - Shards of Pol Pottery - The 2001 Remixes Digital Hardcore Limited
Alec Empire vs Elvis Presley - ? El Turco Loco
All Natural - Family Tree Thrill Jockey
Alla mot Alla - Emilias releaseparty - Live Lund
Ambarchi/Fennesz/Pimmon/Rehberg/Rowe - Afternoon Tea Ritornell
Analog Brothers - 2005 Ground Control
Ananda Shankar - A Musical Discovery of India / Missing You Shiva Sounds
Ändamålen helgar medlen - Live Lund
Anderegg - Anomia Apestaartje
André Esterman - ? 12"
André Williams / Blue Explosion - Lap Dance Remixes In The Red
Andreas Berthling - tiny little white ones (like handfuls of salt) Mitek
Andreas Tilliander - Ljud Mille Plateaux
Andreas Tilliander - Elit Mille Plateaux
Andreas Tilliander - Dutty & Digital Ideal
Andreas Tilliander - World Industries Pluxemburg
Andrey Kiritchenko - Bees & Honey Zeromoon
Animal Collective - Spirit They're Gone... / Danse Manatee FatCat
Anthony B, Barrington Levy & Norrisman - Live Barbados
Anti Pop Consortium - Arrhythmia Warp
Anton Nikkilä - White Nights N&B Research Digest
Aoki Takamasa - Silicom Progressive Form
Aoki Takamasa - Indigo Rose Progressive Form
Aphex Twin - Drukqs Warp
Aphrodite featuring Barrington Levy - All over me V2
Apparat / Faction - Shapemodes EP / The End of Tel Aviv Neo Ouija/
Ascoltare vs. Keith - Drugs Dubbel
Asterisk* / Merzbow / Marhaug - Dogma V: Decomposing Dogma Lady Godiva
Ates - Scared in Sweden Demo
AtomTM feat Tea Time - XXX Rather Interesting
Atom™ - CMYK Rather Interesting
Augustus Pablo - King Tubbys meet Rockers Uptown - Deluxe Edition Shanachie
Autechre - Peel Sessions 2 Warp
Autechre - Confield Warp
Autechre - Gantz Graf Warp
Autechre & The Hafler Trio - ae3o & h3ae Phonometrography
Awol One feat. Kool Keith & 2Mex - NME Celestial
Bauri - The Slacker Journal Neo Ouija
Beans - Nude Paper Mo'wax
Beans - Now Soon Someday Warp
Beastie Boys - To the 5 Boroughs Capitiol
Beastie Boys - Live London
Beck + Beth Orton - Live Köpenhamn
Beem - Just Lit Down and Counting
Beenie Man - Tropical Storm Virgin
Beenie Man - Back To Basic Virgin
Beige - Non Profit Nonplace
Bella - Ten Small Tapes Oktobra
Belles in Monica - What D'ya Need Urban Elite
Beres Hammond & Chaka Khan - Dog Nyam Yu Supper Charm UK
Bidner / Martinek - 911 / This is not my government Medienkunst Tirol
Klassiker: Big Black - Songs about Fucking Touch & Go
Big Brovas - Nu Flow Epic
Bigg Jus - Plantation Rhymes Subverse
Black Dice - Beaches & Canyons Fat Cat
Black Heart Procession - Amore Del Tropico Touch & Go
Blood Music / The Members of Tinnitus - At Daytime - At Nighttime / 28-33 7" / 7"
BLU - #10 Tidning
Boards of Canada - In a beautiful place out in the country Warp
Boards of Canada - Geogaddi Warp
Bobby Konders / Massive B - Mad Sick Head Nah Good Mix Greensleeves
Bola - Mauver Skam
Bola - Fyuti Skam
Bombay The Hard Way - Guns, Cars & Sitars Motel Records
Boss Hog + Tremolo Beer Gut - Live Malmö
Klassiker: Bounty Killer - Jamaica's most wanted VP / Greensleeves
Bovine Life - Social Electrics Bip-Hop
Brainbombs - Singles Collection 1986 - 1993 Load Records
Brainbombs - Cheap Load Records
Brainbombs - Stigma of the Ripper Tumult
Brainbombs - The Grinder Ken Rock
Brand Nubian / D.I.T.C - Rockin' it / Spend it Buckwild
Brassy - Got it made Wiiija
Brick + Members of Tinitus - Live Lund
Bruno Nikolai - Agent Speciale LK Dagored
BS 2000 - Simply mortified Grand Royal
Bullfrog / Kid Koala - Bullfrog CD / Scratchcratchratch... ?
Cannibal Ox - The F-Word Def Jux
Cannibal Ox - The Cold Vein Def Jux
Capleton - Still Blazing VP Records
Cari Lekebusch - Chaos & Order H-Productions
Carius & Bactus - Innehåller bokmärke / Including Bookmark Gud Recordings
Carsten Nikolai & Ryoji Ikeda - Live Göteborg
Chaos Through Programming - Rock'n'Roll Genocide Push the Button
Chemical Brothers - Push the Button Virgin
Christian Kleine - Beyond Repair City Centre Offices
Christian Kleine - Valis Morr Music
Christian Kleine - Real Ghosts City Centre Offices
Klassiker: Ciccone Youth - The Whitey Album Geffen
Claudia Bonarelli - May '68 No Type
cLOUDDEAD - Dead Dogs Two Mush / Big Dada
Cobra Killer - 76 / 77 Monika Enterprises
CoH - Love Uncut Eskaton
Klassiker: Coldcut - Journeys by DJ - 70 minutes of madness JDJ
Comae - Comae Rhiz
Comb & Prosperous - Two of a Kind Ideal
Company Flow / Cannibal Ox - DPA (As seen on TV) / Iron Galaxy Def Jux
Contemporary Punk Unit - Can You Compute? Ideal Recordings
Contemporary Punk Unit - The Renaissance Fix Ideal
Klassiker: Cop Shoot Cop - Ask Questions Later Interscope
Cow'P vs Kema Keur - Split Adaadat
Crunch - 1 Musik aus Strom
Cyclo - Cyclo Raster-Noton
D.E.G. + To Rococo Rot - Live Göteborg
D.I.T.C / M.O.P - Pounds Up D.I.T.C. Records / Rawkus Distribution
Daddy Boastin feat. Eye-N-I - Stress ?
Dan the Automator & Q-Bert - Bear Witness III (Once Again) MCA
Danzig - Live Malmö
DC & Dainja Presents - Fat Milk Anthem Fat Milk
dDamage - Radio Ape Planet Mu
DDKern - Gern Mego
Dead City Rituals - I-VI Krimljud
Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - Vanishing Red by the Movement of a Hand Fukk God Lets Create
Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - This City is Dead or Dying Dreamland
Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - 11 Instances of Dead Letters and Words Ideal
Dead letters spell... / The hurt I feel... - Dead+Hurt Fukk God Let's Create
Dead Prez - Cop Shot Raptivism
Dead+Hurt - Jugg/Behe EP Fukk God Let's Create
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - If you must Hiero Emporium
Deltron 3030 - Positive Contact 75Ark
Denis Smalley - Sources/Scenes Empreintes Digitales
Dictaphone - M.=Addiction City Centre Offices
Differnet - Come On and Bring Back the Brjoken Sounds of Yore! Friendly Noise
Klassiker: Digital Underground - Doowutchalike Tommy Boy
Dilated Peoples - Neighbourhood Watch Capitol
Dipper - Apologetic Song / Saturday Night Wrong Düsseldorf Recordings
Diverse Artister - Diggin' in the Swedish Underground Scratch that azz entertainment
Diverse Artister - Doorslam Greensleeves
Diverse Artister - Good People King Syndrome Sounds / Flora & Fauna
Diverse Artister - Greensleeves Reggae Sampler 21 Greensleeves
Diverse Artister - The Listening Audience Direkt (Sändningar)
Diverse Artister - Smakfull Elektronik Saundart Recordings
Diverse Artister - Sonig Comp. Sonig
Diverse Artister - Defenders of the Underworld Jazz Fudge / Battle Axe
Diverse Artister - Maschinelle Strategemen Ritornell
Diverse Artister - Real Sex 2000 VP Records
Diverse Artister - The Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems 2000 Greensleeves
Diverse Artister - Stilleben Records Singles Collection Tsunami Productions
Diverse Artister - Riddim Album 5, 6 och 7 Greensleeves
Diverse Artister - Avanto - 00 Avanto
Diverse Artister - Melodies from the Power Station of Kirkenes Stoft Ljudupptagningar
Diverse Artister - Communication Problems EP Vibragun Records
Diverse Artister - Strictly the best 25 VP Records
Diverse Artister - Wild Joker VP Records
Diverse Artister - Selector's Choice presents Adonai VP Records
Diverse Artister - Down by the river VP Records
Diverse Artister - Bip-Hop Generation v.1 Bip-Hop
Diverse Artister - Beat Maestros Morbid Records
Diverse Artister - American Breakbeat Klangkrieg Produktionen
Diverse Artister - Pophits inna reggae Jet Star
Diverse Artister - Ragga Ragga Ragga 15 Greensleeves
Diverse Artister - Riddim Driven vol 1 - Chiney Gal & Blazing VP Records
Diverse Artister - Rune Lindblad Firework Edition Records
Diverse Artister - No watches. No maps FatCat Records
Diverse Artister - Bip-Hop Generation v.2 Bip-Hop
Diverse Artister - Trilogy VP Records
Diverse Artister - Ordkrig Playground
Diverse Artister - Reslab Mitek
Diverse Artister - Soca Gold 2001 VP Records
Diverse Artister - Starfield Simulation - live at Rooseum 010324 Komplott
Diverse Artister - Bandits Riddim JetStar
Diverse Artister - Jakten på Under-Orden 2 Streetzone
Diverse Artister - Roots of Dub Funk Tanty Records
Diverse Artister - Reggae Hits 29 JetStar
Diverse Artister - Eastern Conference All Stars II Eastern Conference
Diverse Artister - Now Thing Mo'wax
Diverse Artister - Bombay 2 - Electric Vindaloo Motel Records
Diverse Artister - Strictly the Best 27 & 28 VP Records
Diverse Artister - Freakbitchlickfly Violent Turd
Diverse Artister - NanoLoop 1.0 Disco Bruit
Diverse Artister - D'Soca Zone - 2nd vine VP Records
Diverse Artister - Dancehall Culture vol. 2 Easy Star
Diverse Artister - American Breakbeat Rebuilt Klangkrieg Produktionen
Diverse Artister - Popshopping 2 Crippled Dick
Diverse Artister - Pure Lovers 14 Jet Star
Diverse Artister - RND_0.34873349921 Pause_2
Diverse Artister - Definitive Jux Presents II Definitive Jux
Diverse Artister - Martial Arts King of Kings
Diverse Artister - The Flip Mo'Music
Diverse Artister - The Return Mad House
Diverse Artister - Diwali 40/40
Diverse Artister - Greensleeves Reggae Sampler 23 Greensleeves
Diverse Artister - Reggae Gold 2002 VP Records
Diverse Artister - They can't stop us now Easy Star
Diverse Artister - Luke Vibert's Further Nuggets Lorecordings
Klassiker: Diverse Artister - Like Mountain Fire House Crew Records
Diverse Artister - Dancehall 101 vol. 3 & 4 VP Records
Diverse Artister - Old to the New VP Records
Diverse Artister - Circle 0 Fylkingen
Diverse Artister - Blue Skies An' Clear Morr Music
Diverse Artister - The Biggest Dancehall Anthems 1979 - 1982 Greensleeves
Diverse Artister - Sampler #4 / Milkland 1 Safe As Milk
Diverse Artister - Klangmaschine Ritornell
Diverse Artister - Dub Tribunl Inflatabl Labl
Diverse Artister - Dublab Presents: Summer Selections Hefty
Diverse Artister - Riddim Driven - Puppy Water VP Records
Diverse Artister - En bunt AV8-remixar AV8
Diverse Artister - Voom Riddim Topaz
Diverse Artister - Street Level Presents Street Level
Diverse Artister - Ideal Electronics Ideal Recordings
Diverse Artister - Ikebana - Merzbow's Amlux Rebuilt Important Records
Diverse Artister - Nattskift Flora & Fauna
Diverse Artister - Collectanea Escapi
Diverse Artister - Street Villains vol 1 Psycho+Logical
Diverse Artister - Pop Hits Inna Reggae Vol 3 Jet Star
Diverse Artister - An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music, Vol. 2 Sub Rosa
Diverse Artister - E A D G B E 12k
Diverse Artister - Montparnasse 2000 Classics Pulp Flavor
Diverse Artister - Saturday Morning Empires Intr_version
Diverse Artister - Rephlexions! Rephlex
Diverse Artister - Lux Nigra Allstars Lux Nigra
Diverse artister - Warrior charge riddim Cousins records
Diverse Artister - Zentertainment 2004 Ninja Tune
Diverse Artister - The Birth of Industrial Cool 23Hz
Diverse Artister - Grind Royal Corrupt Face
Diverse Artister - Definitive Jux Presents 3 Definitive Jux
Diverse Artister - Juddy in the Sky with Nazis Reep
Diverse Artister - Reggae Anthology - The Channel One Story VP Records
Diverse Artister - Bip-Hop Generation vol. 7 Bip-Hop
Diverse Artister - African Underground Vol 1 - Hiphop Senegal Nomadic Wax
Diverse Artister - The Send/Re: Compilation Robotriot
Diverse Artister - Vs. FBL remixes spa.RK
Diverse Artister - The Noise and the City Autres Directions in Music
Diverse Artister / Strategy - Shock04 / Shock05 Shockout
DJ Assault - Belle Isle Tech Mo'wax
DJ Assault - Belle Isle Tech EP Mo'wax
DJ Assault - Belle Isle Tech EP II Mo'wax
DJ K-Salaam - Real DJ's Do Real Things Rhymesayers
DJ Magic Mike - The Journey (Era of Bass Part 1) Mo'wax
DJ Rels - Theme For A Broken Soul Stones Throw
DJ Shadow - The Private Press Island
DJ Shadow - In Tune And On Time - Live! Geffen
DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist - Product Placement One29 Recordings
DJ Shortkut - Blunted with a Beat Junkie Antidote
DJ Spooky - Rhythm Science Sub Rosa
DJ Tommy - Respect for da Chopstick Hiphop ?
DJ Vadim - Your Revolution Ninja Tune
DJ Vadim - USSR: The Art of Listening Ninja Tune
DJ Vadim - Edie Brikell + Cum Shots Ninja Tune
DJ Vadim & Co - Russian Percussion Tour Köpenhamn
Domotic - Bye Bye Active Suspension
Don Letts - Dread Meets Punk Rockers Uptown Heavenly
Doron Sadja - A piece of string, a sunset 12k
Double Deez - Swedish Ish Blenda
Doujah Raze - Hard Times Trilogy Records
DRH Sound Project - Shine Up Demo
Dub Tractor - More or Less Mono City Centre Offices
Duo505 - Late Morr Music
Dwayne Sodahberk - Partying without inhibition or dignity Tigerbeat6
Easy Tempo vol 4 - A kaleidoscopic collection of exciting and... Easy Tempo
Ed Lawes - 14 Tracks/Pieces Planet Mu/
El-P - Fantastic Damage Definitive Jux
El-P & Murs, Scratchaholics och Andreas Tilliander - Live Stockholm
Electromagnetic Beam - King vs Queen EP Lecitin
Elephant Man - Log On Greensleeves
Elephant Man - Higher Level Greensleeves
ENV(itre) - Teaktshramin Aphorism Records
eX-Girl, My Barbarian, 8-Bit - Live Los Angeles
F.S. Blumm - Mondkuchen Morr
Famous & Flimpoman - Good over evil Kongo Bongo Crew
Fantomas - The Director's Cut Ipecac
Farmers Manual - RLA Mego
Felix Kubin and Aavikko - Super Lake Beats / Antarktis Slow Beat Diskono
Fennesz - Venice Touch
Fennesz / O'Rourke / Rehberg - The Return of Fenn O'Berg Mego
Fennesz / Rosy Parlane - Live Synaesthesia
Fennesz vs Main - Split Fat Cat
Fiendens Musik - Live Lund
Fireside - Live Smålands Nation
Folie - Misspass Mitek
Forss - Soulhack Sonar Kollektiv
Four Tet, Differnet, Ugly Duckling etc - Live Göteborg
Fourcolor - Water Mirror Apestaartje
Frank And Bill - Viva FAB! Electronic Desert Recordings
Freeform - Condensed Nonplace
Fritz Ostermeyer - Kitsch Concrète Mego
From Parts Unknows - #6 Tidning
Front 242 - Geography - Limited Edition Double Set Alfa-Matrix
Fujiya & Miyagi - Remixes Massive Advance
Funkstörung - Multiple Grammy Winners Studio !K7
Funkstörung - Vice versa !K7 Records
Gcttcatt - Amperase Mego
Geeez 'n' Gosh - Nobody Knows Mille Plateaux
Gershon Kingsley - Music to Moog By / First Moog Quartet Dagored
Gert-Jan Prins - Live Grob
Gescom - Gescom CD
Ghislain Poirier - Sous Le Manguier Intr_version
Ghislain Poirier - Beats As Politics Chocolate Industries
Giddy Motors - Make it Pop Fat Cat
GM Grimm as Superstar Jet Jaguar - Digital Tears - Email from Purgatory Day By Day
God is my co-pilot - Live Lund
Gorillaz - Gorillaz Parlophone
Hajsch - 1992 Sonig
Håkan Hellström - Live Malmö
Handsome Boy Modeling School - White People Elektra
Hans Appelqvist - The Xiao Fang EP Mjäll
Hans Appelqvist - Tonefilm Komplott
Hans Joachim Irmler - Lifelike Staubgold
Harlem - White Mind Gramme Recordings
Heartless Crew / Southside - Heartless Theme (Superglue) / I smoke Marijuana East West / Southside
Henrik Rylander - Formation Firework Edition
Henrik Rylander / Gert-Jan Prins - Traditional Arrangements of Feedback / Risk Ideal / Mego
Henrik Venant Shangle - Live Lund
Henry Rollins Spoken Word - Live Stockholm
Herrmann & Kleine - Our Noise Morr Music
High & Mighty - Air Force 1 Eastern Conference Records
Hiphop på Malmöfestivalen - Live Popstadscenen
Klassiker: Hula - Murmur Red Rhino
Hundarna från Söder - Hundarna från Söder Flora & Fauna
Hydrus / Kettel - Split Narrominded
IBM - The Oval Recording Mego
Ilpo Väisänen - Asuma Mego
Ilpo Väisänen / Dirk Dresselhaus - Angel Bip-Hop
Innerstance Beatbox - All little boys do silly little dances Wobblyhead
Intricate - In Pectra Spezialmaterial/
Isaac Spayes / Kodoish - Stalked / Kodoish_3_1999 Snickars Records
J-Zone - 5 Star Hooptie / Eatadicup (ft Celph Titled) Old Maid Entertainment
Jack Brothers - Remix Jack Brothers
Jay Glaze & Pro Celebrity Golf - Three Sinister Syllables Chopped Herring Records/
Jedi Mind Tricks feat. Tragedy Khadafi - Genghis Khan Superegular
Jim O'Rourke - I'm happy, and I'm singing and a 1,2,3,4 Mego
Jimi Tenor - Utopian Dream Sähkö Recordings
Jogi - Hela huset gungar Swing-a-ling
Johan Skugge - Objects and Buildings Source
Jon Sheffield - It’s Been So Long Since I've Seen the Ocean Tomlab
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Techno Animal Remixes Mute
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Plastic Fang Mute
Joseph Suchy - Entskidoo Entenpfhul
Joseph Suchy - Calabi.yau Staubgold
Jowonio Productions - Hands/Birds EP / The Great... / The Meat... Leohtan
Julian Marley - A Time & Place Ghetto Youths/Lightyear
Julius - (halb) schwarz x-tract/edition rz
Junior Boys - Last Exit Kin/
K-Salaam - The Hands of Time Scholar-Warrior Records
Kapital Band 1 - 2CD Mosz
Karkowski, Furudate & Feiler - Live Göteborg
Karminsky Experience - The Power of Suggestion Patterns of Behaviour
Keith Papworth - Hard Hitter White label
Kevin Drumm - Sheer Hellish Miasma Mego
Kid 606 - PS You Love Me Mille Plateaux
Kid 606 + Emmon - Live Stockholm
Kid Commando - Holy Kid Commando Ache
Kid Spatula - Meast Planet Mu
Kid606 - Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You Ipecac
Kim Gordon, DJ Olive & Ikue Mori - SYR 5 Sonic Youth Recordings
King Kong - Legalize It Massive B
King Tubby m fl. - Jahovah Observer Gold
Kiss - Die Cast 5 Pack Signature Superstars
Klubb Super-8 Live - Live Stockholm
Knifehandchop vs DJ Aneurysm - Shotgun Wedding Vol 2: Evil Doppelgänger Violent Turd/
Komp / Multiplex - Skåne Revisited / With Hands and Feet New Speak/ / Multidisc
Kongo Bongo Crew - Live'n'direct Tape
Kool Keith - Spankmaster / Thug or what? Overcore / Eastern Conference
Kool Keith - The Lost Masters Dmaft Records
Kool Keith ft Kutmasta Kurt - Diesel Truckers Threshold / Funky Ass
Kraftwerk - Live Stockholm
Kubrick - Special Forces Medicom Toys
Kut-Up Kaos Kick / Ultraflash - Don't Lie White Boy Homewrecker Foundation
LadyMan - Viagra Opus The Agriculture
Lag / Anton - The Elian Gonzalez EP / The Happy Prankster EP Mjäll
Laibach - Videos / A Film from Slovenia Mute
Leafcutter John - The Housebound Spirit Planet Mu
Leda Annest / Phil Moore - Portrait of Leda Columbia
Leftfield / Roots Manuva - Dusted Hard Hands
Liima - Versions I-II + Versions III-IV Kangaroo
Limp - Orion Morr Music
Living Ornaments - Klonten Scarcelight
Lo Fidelity Allstars - Don't be afraid of love Skint
Logreybeam - It's All Just Another Aspect of Mannerism Type/
Los Samplers - Descarga Mecano Hot Air
Love Joys / Junior Delahaye - Lovers Rock / Show case Wackie's
Lowfour - Repeatle Force Lab
Lullatone - Little Songs About Raindrops Plop
Luomo - Vocalcity Force Tracks
M.O.P + Fattaru - Live Stockholm
Madlib - Yesterdays new quintet Stones Throw
Madvillain - Madvillainy Stones Throw
Mansbestfriend - The New Human Is Illegal Morr Music
Mapstation feat. Ras Donovan - Version Train Staubgold
Marsen Jules - Herbstlaub City Centre Offices
Mass Influence - The Underground Science Boulevard Connection
Mats Gustafsson / The Thing - Hidros 3 / Garage Smalltown Supersound/
Mc Mello - Melloizdaman / Hedz Don't Know Jazz Fudge
Members of Tinnitus, Pissfuckhead & Rock Out - Live Stockholm
MF Doom - MM.. Food Rhymesayers
Michaela Melian - Baden Baden Monika Enterprise
Mick Harris - Having it Hed Nod
Mick Harris - Hed Nod Session 4 Hed Nod
Mika Vainio / Chicks on Speed - Flame On Chicks On Speed
Militant Fields - 80.39 Robotriot
Mimi Secue - Mimi Secue Karate Joe
Mina ögon!! Mina ögon!! - #10 Fanzine
Minamo - Beautiful Apestaartje
Minimalistic Sweden - Standard Klickmusik Mitek
MJMPropaganda - Live Stockholm
Mochipet - Mochipet CDR BTrendy
Mogwai - My Father My King PIAS Recordings / Rock Action
Moka Only - Lime Green Battle Axe Records
Mokira - Cliphop Raster Noton
Mokira - Kuket Klanggalerie
Mokira - Plee Mille Plateaux
Mokira - Album Type Recordings
Mokira - FFT POP Cubicfabric/
Mood Mosaic 4 - "Les Yper Sound!" Partners in crime
Motion - Every Action 12k
Klassiker: Mouse on Mars - Vulvaland Too Pure
Mouse on Mars - Radical Connector Sonig/
Mr Dibbs / Slug - Random vol 3 / Sad Clown Bad Dub 7 Rhymesayers
Mr Len - Class X - A Tribute To Company Flow Smacks Records
Mr Len feat Mr Live - What the f...? Matador
Mr Len featuring Juggaknots - This Morning Matador
Mr Vegas - Live Lund
Mr Vegas feat Ayo - Kokane Topaz
Multitude Against The Empire - Play Perascoltare Play / Songs For Endings Demo
Mum - Please smile my noise bleed Morr Music
Múm - Summer Make Good Fat Cat
Múm - Live Malmö
Murs - Murs 3:16 - The 9th Edition Definitive Jux
My Jazzy Child - Sada Soul Clapping Music
Nas - Made You Look Columbia
Nathaniel Merriwheather presents Lovage - Music to make love to your old lady by 75Ark
naw - The Resound Of A Foggy Autumn Dawn Noise Factory Records
Nigo - Kung Fu Fightin' Mo'wax
Nils Petter Molvaer - Recoloured Universal Jazz
Niobe - Radioersatz Tomlab
Nitrada - We Don't Know Why But We Do It 2.nd Rec
Noah23 - Quicksand 2.nd rec
Klassiker: Nobukazu Takemura - Milano / Finale Warner Music Japan
Normal Music - A Short Exhibition Of Normal Music Zeromoon
Novel 23 - Architectural Effects Bip-Hop
Octagon Man - Itô Calculus DC Recordings
Ol' Dirty Bastard - The Trials and Tribulations of Russell Jones D3 Entertainment
Olle Oljud - Norberg 03 Demo
Ongaku Otaku - #4 Tidning
Oren Ambarchi & Johan Berthling - My Days Are Darker Than Your Nights Häpna
Organism 12 - Vad glor du på? Streetzone
Organism 12 - Bakom kulisserna Streetzone
Oval - Szenario Europa Form & Function
Oval - Ovalprocess Form & Function
Oval - Demo91/99 Kessy-Lux Organisation
Ovum - Ruskprick & Knorrhane Suggestion Records
Pan Sonic - Live in NYC 1995 Jenny Drivers
Pan Sonic - Aaltopiiri Blast First
Papa Dee - The Man With The Plan Pot of Gold
Pär Thörn - Följ bara anvisningarna Firework Edition
Party of One - Caught the Blast Fat Cat
Patrik Torsson - Gästhamnar Häpna
Pellarin - Tangible Abstractions Couchblip!
People Under The Stairs - ...Or Stay Tuned Om Records
Peter Lloyd - The U137 EP Mjäll
Phase 6 Super Stereo - Introducing the Alternative Italian B-movie Sound Plastic Records
Philip Jeck - Host Sub Rosa
Philip Jeck, Martin Tétreault, Otomo Yoshihide - Live Göteborg
Philip Scheffner - Fon Pong
Phonem - Ilisu Morr Music
Pierre Crube - Immediate False Relief Angelika Köhlermann
Pilote - Doitnowman Certificate18
Plain Brown Rapper - Back in Black Inflatabl Labl
Plastikman - Closer Novamute
Platinum 45:s feat. More Fire Crew - Oi FTL Records
Pole + Burnt Friedman - Live Köpenhamn
Prefuse 73 - One Word Extinguisher Warp
Klassiker: Prince Paul - Psychoanalysis (what is it?) Wordsound / Tommy Boy
Probot - Probot Southern Lord
Pst/Q - Natt klockan tolv på dagen Border
PulseProgramming - Tulsa For One Second Aesthetics
Push Button Objects - 360 Degrees Chocolate Industries
Push Button Objects - Fly (you ain't) Chocolate Industries
Quant - Tik Tok Dot
R.A.W - Another Sound Killin' R.A.W
Ras Shiloh - Who can't hear Penthouse
Rechord - Eloper
Rechord - Skokoll
Red Rat - I'm a big kid now Greensleeves
Red Rat & Buccaneer - Live Malmö
Red Snapper - Our aim is to satisfy Warp
Klassiker: Redman - Muddy Waters Def Jam
Rhythm & Sound - w/ The Artists / The Versions Burial Mix / Asphodel
RJD2 - Since we last spoke Definitive Jux
Klassiker: Robert Görl - Darling Don't Leave Me Mute
Rock Out - Soundcheck Ideal
Rodney P - Big tings we inna Riddim Killa / Low life
Rollins Band Performing Black Flag Songs - Live Stockholm
Ronnie Sundin - Sleepwalk Ground Fault
Ronnie Sundin - Morphei Häpna
Ronnie Sundin - Hägring Antifrost
Roots Manuva - Run Come Save Me Big Dada
Rozenhall - Miasmasun Firework Edition
Rumpistol - Rumpistol Rump Recordings
Saian Supa Crew - KLR Virgin
Saul Williams - Penny for a thought Ozone
Scanner - Live Göteborg
Schneider TM - Reconfigures Earsugar
Klassiker: Schoolly D - The Adventures Of Schoolly D Rykodisc
Schurer - Vexations Domizil
Scientific American - Strong for the Future Mush/
Klassiker: Scorn - Gyral Earache / Scorn
Scorn - Plan B Hymen Records
Sean Paul, Beyonce, Jay-Z - ? white label
Selector's Choice presents Mighty Crown - A tribute to Volcano VP
Seth P Brundel - Beyond Murky Drapes Aesthetics
Klassiker: Shabba Ranks - Shine & Criss / Respect Shang
Shellac - 1000 Hurts Touch & Go
Shinehead - Mama Used To Say / Billy Jean (Radikal Roots edit) Radikal Roots
Ship of Fools feat Akem - Materials Laundry Bag
Shitmat - KillaBabylonKutz Planet Mu
Shitmat - Full English Breakfast Planet Mu/
Shuttle358 - Chessa 12k/
si-cut.db - Enthusiast Bip-Hop
Sinistri - Free Pulse Häpna
Sizzla - Bobo Ashanti Greensleeves
Sizzla - Words of Truth VP Records
Sizzla - Black History JetStar
Sizzla - The Story Unfolds VP Records
Sizzla - Ghetto Revolution Greensleeves
Sizzla - Live London
Sizzla & Bone Crusher / Vybz Cartel & Wayne ... - Solid as a Rock (Remix) Remix Galore
Skitz & Co - Twilight of the gods Wordplay
Slum - Twilight Mushrooms Warp
Slyboots - Warriors on the sly RUC
Smut Peddlers - Live Stockholm
SND - STDIO Mille Plateaux
Snospray - Yum Yum Melody Resort
Snowsuit* - Snowsuit* Deleted Art
Solaroid - First Wave Superstudio Grå
Sole, Bleubird, Viktor Sjöberg - Live Göteborg
Solid Steel presents DJ Food & DK - Now, Listen! Ninja Tune
Son of Clay - Face Takes Shape Komplott
Son of Clay - The Bird You Never Were Komplott/
Sonic Subjunkies - Molotov Lounge Lux Nigra
Sonic Youth with Yamatsuka Eye - TV Shit Ecstatic Peace
Sophie Rimheden - Miss Svedjebruk/
Sora - re.sort Plop
Source of Labor - Stolen Lives Subverse
Source of Labor / Marq Spekt - Full circle / The Shoplifter - Liquid Smoke Subverse
Specifik & Project Cee - The Fuel Injected Funk EP Sudden Debt Recordings
Speech Defect - Pen & Pencil Sketches No Cool Music
Splatter PC - Junk Like Us XPOS
Spragga Benz - Fully Loaded VP Records
Square One - Higher Heights Pennyhole Publishing
Klassiker: Square One - Mind, Body, Soul Groove Attack
Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car Warp
Squarepusher / Richard Thomas - I am carnal and I know that you approve Lo Recordings
Staffan Wessman - Cirkulation Utantitel
Staffan Wessman - Debut N-Rec
Starfield Simulation #23 - Live Malmö
Static - Eject Your Mind City Centre Offices
Static - Flavour Has No Name City Centre Offices
Stephan Mathieu - On Tape Häpna
Stephan Mathieu, Ekkehard Ehlers - Heroin Ortlorng Musork
Klassiker: Suicide - Suicide Mute
Sunn O))) - White2 Southern Lord
Klassiker: Supercat - Ghetto Red Hot Columbia
Superscientifiku - How we gonna fail now? Flyphonic Phonogram
Survival Unit - One man's war State Art
Sutcliffe Jügend - The Victim as Beauty Death Factory
Sutcliffe Jügend - XI Death Factory
Swap - Swp4Mas1 Musik aus Strom
Tanto Metro & Devonte - The Beat Goes On VP Records
Tanya Stephens - What a day XTerminator
Tape - Opera Häpna
Tape - Operette - Opera remixes Cubicfabric
Tarmvred - Live / Panacea Shares Needles with Tarmvred Stockholm
Tarmvred + Raison d'etre - Live Malmö
Taylor Deupree - January Spekk
Taylor Deupree & Christopher Willits - Mujo Plop
Team Doyobi - ? Skam
Techno Animal - The Brotherhood of the Bomb Matador
Telefon Tel Aviv - Untitled Hefty
Telefon Tel Aviv - Map of What Is Effortless Hefty
Tennis - Europe on Horseback Bip-Hop
Tennis - Furlines Bip-Hop
The Automator - A Much Better Tomorrow LP 75Ark
The Beatnuts - No escapin' this Loud Records
The Bug - Pressure Rephlex
The Bug ft Warrior Queen - Aktion Pak / WW3 Rephlex
The Handroidz - What's mind Apeman
The Herbaliser feat Wildflower - Good girl gone bad Ninja Tune
The High & Mighty - The Highlite Zone Eastern Conference
The Nextmen - Amongst the Madness Scenario / 75Ark
The Octagon Man vs Depth Charge - The Toy Boxx DC Recordings
The Remote Viewer - Here I go again on my own City Centre Offices
The Stereonerds - HD Endless Rather Interesting
The Weathermen / Murs & Mr Lif - Same as it never was / Sneak Preview Definitive Jux
Thilges 3 - Die offene Gesellschaft Staubgold
Tommy Guerrero - A Little Bit Of Somethin' Mo'wax
Tony Curtis - High Grade Mo Music
Tony Touch - Last of the Pro Ricans Sequence
Topaz Sound - Topaz Sound Mix 3 Topaz
Towa Tei feat. Biz Markie and Mos Def - BMT SP1200 Remix CATDOG001
Tujiko Noriko - Shojo Toshi Mego
Turbonegro - Scandinavian Leather Burning Heart
Twine - Circulation Komplott
Twine - Recorder BipHop Records
Ulrich Schnauss - Far Away Trains Passing By City Centre Offices
Ulrich Schnauss - A Strangely Isolated Place City Centre Offices
Ultra-Red - Amnistía Antiopic
Universal Principles - Inspiration & Light Soma
V/VM - Sometimes, Good Things Happen V/Vm Test Records
Venetian Snares - The Chocolate Wheelchair Album Planet Mu
Vert - Nine Types of Ambiguity Sonig
Viktor Sjöberg - Between Each Line Of Pain And Glory dD Records
Viktor Vaughn - Vaudeville Villain Sound-Ink
Vita - Vita EP Force Inc
Vita - Ena Force Inc
Vladislav Delay - Demo(n)tracks Huume
Ward 21 - Mentally Disturbed Greensleeves
Warrior King - Virtuous Woman VP Records
Winquist Virtanen - All hope is gone Soulworm
Wnqst//Lndgrn - Sometimes in the same night that's everywhere Fukk God Let's Create
Workshop - Es liebt dich und deine Körperlichkeit... Sonig
Zeke Schöön - San Tropez Nights Dot
Zorn - All We Can Do is Enjoy the Ride Lux Nigra/
[sic] - ...And Rabbits Named Friday Squirrelgirl Productions / Royk Records
µ-Ziq - Bilious Paths Planet Mu